Sunday, November 27, 2011

The Guests from the Emperor’s Court (Update for week ended 18 November 2011)

Guest Post by Narayan Swamy.
Narayan Swamy is currently a senior banking professional at an International Bank in Mumbai, India. He has over 20 years of banking experience across corporate and private banking in India, and has lived in all the metro cities of India. This is a re-post of his blog post by the same name on his blog Making Sense of The SENSEX.

Chinxua’s father was an honourable businessman. He was respected in the village and his expertise in putting together gunpowder, oxides of copper and mercury was unrivalled. He had learnt this from his father. He had also travelled to the court of the Emperor to present some of his masterpieces which were used in the Moon Boat Festival as well as the New Moon Year of the Rabbit. The foreigners had already started making inroads into the Emperor’s Court, by then, as advisors and tutors to the young Emperor. The Spanish also brought along a lady teacher to keep the Dowager’s palace members engaged in a new dance technique, which was so different from what the concubines danced to, tuned to the lilting shamisen. An Italian who traced his origins to a certain Signor Polo also tried to re-introduce the complicated wheat pas ta into the royal kitchen. Chinxua’s father saw this as a negative

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Indian startups, Can we change the world?

Can your startup change the world for better?....

Of late, there is lot of talk in the media (the section of the media that covers entrepreneurship) about the shift in focus of the technology entrepreneurs in India from a service based model to a product based model. It seems Indian IT industry is going through a metamorphosis that would transform it from being an outsourcing destination to being a builder of products that is differentiated by intellectual property and uniqueness. These two articles,  Why Silicon Valley should fear India and Indian Software Startups Similar to Excitement of Late-90s Silicon Valley that was published in Washington Post and the NASSCOM Emerge Forum makes good case of the point. The articles also highlight the success stories of Indian start-up companies in the product space. All that is good.

Friday, November 18, 2011

Social Media: Is Indian Financial Market Firms Doing It Right

In a previous post I had talked about adoption of social media among  firms in the Indian financial market. Now we look how these firms are using the social media and whether it is the right way to do social media.

Indian financial market firms seems to be mainly using blogs, Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and Orkut for their marketing activities. The firms selling trade and investment tips use the social media very aggressively than stock broking firms. Tip sellers are using social media as a broadcast medium, they use blogs to publish their free tips on daily basis. Most of these firms also have Twitter and Facebook accounts. On Twitter also it is mostly one sided broadcast of buy/sell calls. On Facebook the modus operandi seems to be to befriend possible leads and then add them to groups they had created and then post the messages to the group.