Sunday, May 16, 2010

Mission Statement

Many of our friends have asked us about our mission statement. We believe we had made an effort to explain what we wanted to achieve with in our first blog but we did not have a mission statement per se. Now is a good time as any to have one, so here goes.

" wants to make information which is relevant to each individual Indian investor available to them and make investment tools accessible and affordable for the average Indian investor"

Most of the time relevant information is either costly or is only available to an elite group of people. In cases where information is available, there is the issue of information overload. Good tools that help in making an investment decision or analyze existing investment are too costly and inaccessible to the average investor. We aim to challenge this status quo with

We have started as a social networking platform not because social networking is the next in-thing in town but because the human network is a very effective information filter and context setter. Investors can rely on their peer network to act as an information filter. They can also keep track of stock tips and suggestions of fellow investors thereby understanding their credibility and factoring all that into making informed investment calls.

Social networking platform is an effective means for publishing tools. These tools can be made available to the users of the platform. So would become a platform for publishing investment related tools that would help its users in making a better investment decision. These tools can be free or subscription based but we can be sure that it will not be exorbitantly costly due to economies of scale.

We believe that the availability of powerful tools and relevant information would help the average Indian investor in making an informed investment decision thereby improving their ability to make a profit.

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