Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Adding More Stuff...

It's been an eventful two months since we went online. We were fixing up the loose ends and adding most needed features which helps the users the most. We got a number of feature requests from our enthusiastic users. Some of the features added include,

Sharing "market takes" on twitter from site
We all know that sharing is caring. So providing a facility to effectively share information which we love to share with friends is a great idea. These days, Twitter is one of the most preferred media for sharing, so we added a facility to tweet the "market takes" we see on our home page to twitter. So friends or followers of the user who are outside finahub too can benefit from the contents we share.

Sent scribbles to friends from user scribble page
Friends keep in touch always, so to say a "Hi" or to ask a quick question to them, now users can be sent scribbles to their friends from the Scribble tab itself. No need to go to their profile page to write a scribble. Users can just start typing the name of the recipient on the "To" field, and the system will look-up your friend for you. An email alert is also provided for the incoming scribbles.

Watchlist for securities
Investors always love to keep a watch on securities that they are interested in. So that they can buy or SELL them once the price has reached a certain expectation.

Recent Transaction list for models

An investment model is complete only if the viewer gets a clear picture of how the model arrives. All the BUY and SELL transactions, as well as the occasional editing done on the investment models, is clearly shown on the model page.

Latest news feeds on user home page

Keeping track of the latest Buzz on the market is very important. So we added live updated RSS feed integration on our user home page. With this user can keep track of brokerage recommendations, technicals, buzzing socks, latest business news etc.

Public profile page for each user

A Public Profile Page is a profile that enables you to share your knowledge and business relations with friends and fellow investors. This link can be shared on other sites so that your contributions as "market takes" as well as models can be seen by all.

Presently we are working on getting more tools to enable security research in our site. Once we finish this, users will get a snap shot view on the financial result data of each security. Also we plan to expose API's on the research data available in our site. This should lead to more effective tools for research and eventually better investment decisions for an average investor.

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