Saturday, May 21, 2016

How to secure your AngularJS application?

Securing your AngularJS application is always a concern for developers. Being a JavaScript framework, most of the things are done on the client side and thus people viewing the Source of the page usually get to know the business logic flow, security tokens, keys etc unless you took care of it.

Finahub has developed an Aadhaar ESign application which had gone through several rounds of security audits. We have used AngularJS as the front end framework, we have done many things to make sure our application is secure in every aspect. So we thought of sharing our experience with other fellow developers. Following are the security risks that may affect an Angular app and the solutions to each of them.

Thursday, May 5, 2016

Digital signature an introduction

We are starting a series about digital signature and how organizations can take advantage of using it. This is our first article on this topic.

A digital signature is a mathematical scheme for ensuring the authenticity of a digital message or document. If a document is digitally signed, it ensures that it is signed by a specific person. The person who signed cannot deny the authenticity of the document. Usually, organizations keep their documents as papers which are signed by people with ink, or they save them digitally by scanning these papers.
In our country(India) Digital signature has legal validity so that it can be employed in many areas where signed documents are to be saved. The digital signature can be effectively employed in customer onboarding especially companies in the financial sector. Please note that digital signatures are not valid in every scenario. To know more about where the digital signature can and cannot be used, please refer our blog post.

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

World Bank wants to take Aadhaar Global

The real success of Aadhaar got the attention of world bank. Aadhar is being used for various subsidy programmes and is saving a lot of money for the government.
Seeing and understanding the real benefits of a unique id is making the world bank advise other countries to come up with similar strategies. We feel this as a recognition to Govt of India for this well-crafted idea and precise execution.

Key highlights of Aadhaar ecosystem is as below.
  • More than one billion people have their Aadhaar now
  • Cost of issuing one Aadhar ID was less than $1
  • Supports token-less authentication, anytime, anywhere
  • Saves approx y $1 billion (Rs 6500 crores) a year by reducing corruption and leakage for the Indian government
  • Every Enterprise, both govt and private can make use of Aadhaar ecosystem.