Wednesday, October 11, 2017

As an AUA/KUA, which Aadhaar regulations can get you into trouble?

Recently UIDAI introduced a list of aadhaar regulations and agreement that a KUA/AUA should not violate. Violating these regulations and agreements will make a fine of 1 lakh per day. If you violate the first warning then after the 15 days of the first contravention it will increase to 2 lakh and then to 3 lakh per day.

The major regulations that company registered as AUA/KUA should take care of is as follows. A requesting entity should obtain the permission of the aadhaar holder for the authentication by means of physical or preferably in electronic form and should maintain logs or records. A requesting entity should capture the biometric information of the Aadhaar number holder and necessarily encrypt and secure the biometric data at the time of capture. All devices and equipment used for authentication should be certified and the client applications software used by requesting entity for the purpose of authentication should conform to the standard APIs and specifications laid down by the Authority from time to time for this purpose.

So here we give the detailed list of regulations and agreements. Click here
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