Monday, August 29, 2022

Aadhaar Face Authentication for Mobile Based Customer Onboarding

 Aadhaar eKYC  using OTP authentication and fingerprint authentication has revolutionized KYC process for Banks, Insurance companies and other such regulated entities. Aadhaar eKYC process reduces the KYC data collection time to a matter of seconds. Apart from making the the process faster the entire data is collected digitally, thus doing away with paper work required for the traditional KYC process.

It also enabled these organisations to onboard customers using their mobile apps. Using OTP based based authentication customers do a minimum KYC and open a bank account. Such accounts has an account balance limit of Rs 1 lakh and validity period of one year. Customers are required to do a full KYC by visiting the branch and upgrading to a full KYC account.

Face authentication based KYC removes this limitation. Customer will be able to open fully KYC account using the banks mobile app without visiting the branch. Face authentication based KYC process matches live photo of the user with the photo available at UIDAI. This enables AUA/ KUA's to use biometric authentication (face auth) with out the need of any additional hardware other than a mobile phone. As of now this feature works only on Andriod OS mobile phones only.

Following are the salient features of Face Authentication.

  • Now EKYC can be done using Face Authentication alone.
  • Live photo capture of the resident is done using UIDAI Face Auth mobile app
  • Can be combined with other modalities like OTP or Fingerprint biometric for more success rate.
  • Works with offline EKYC XML also
  • Avoids the need of fingerprint / IRIS capture hardware.
  • Aadhaar FaceRd (headless android) apps are released by UIDAI to enable AUA applications to
    use face authentication using android intents

 Existing AUA's / KUA's need to take approval from UIDAI to enable Face Auth on their environment.

Using face authentication based KYC, banks and other regulated entities would be able take full advantage of their mobile app to on board customers in fully digital customer onboarding process that does not require the customer to visit the branch.

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