Tuesday, November 24, 2015

How your business can make use of Aadhar E-Sign?

Can you imagine signing a service agreement or on-boarding a customer completely online in matter of seconds without having to deal with photocopies and courier services. Aadhaar E-Sign enables any individual in India who have an Aadhaar number to digitally sign without procuring any additional software or pre purchasing digital signature from a certifying agency. Any Aadhaar holder can sign a document in digital format using biometric or OTP authentication.The service is easy and secure way to sign a digital document, anytime, anywhere.

A sample use case of a customer applying for a broadband connection is explained below.

  1. Sales man explains the product and convince the customer.
  2. Customer / sales man fills the required fields like name, address and choose plan on the sales mans tablet pc
  3. The auto prefilled application form is shown to customer for reading.
  4. Customer selects eSign and Aadhaar number is asked
  5. After submitting the Aadhaar number, the customers bio-metric finger print is captured using the bio-metric scanner attached to the tablet.
  6. This data is submitted to server for eSign along with the pdf format of application form
  7. A signed pdf file is returned and a copy of the same is shared to the customer and the other copy is kept with the business house.

The entire process will be complete in matter of seconds. Other authentication methods supported are OTP (One Time Password) and IRIS. 

Following are some use cases for business houses separated by company sections where it can used.

Finance Team

  • Application form signatures from customers
  • Service agreements with customers or suppliers
  • Invoices - To customers / suppliers
  • Purchase Orders
  • Any kind of Vouchers
  • Tax filings

Legal Team

  • MOU's
  • Company Law filings
  • Agreements
  • Other Letters

Human Resource Team

  • Memos
  • Form 16
  • Provident Fund
  • Pay Slips
  • Job Applications
  • Offer Letters
  • All Other kind of letters

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