Sunday, August 8, 2010

The Path Ahead

The last release was followed by few nights of firefighting. There were some nasty bugs related to the pricing data feed which kept us sleepless for couple of nights. We have sorted out most of the issues that were reported. More than fixing, patching the fixes to production was the tricky thing to do. Even though we did not have many users,we still did not want to have the down time when someone is using the site. So all the patches were done during midnight India time.

Even though we have covered quite a lot from where we started, it is very miniscule compared to what lies ahead. We have a huge list of action items to be considered for the upcoming releases. But there is one problem with that list, it is list of function that we think are important to you, the user. Actually what we need is a list of functionalities you say are important to you. May be you want more information in the security pages or may be you think the sector display page is import or may be the search functionality (we know it sucks!!) needs to be improved or may be you want us to improve the collaborative research functionality or may you want social data discovery and bookmarking or may be market data categorization and tagging is needed.... the list can go on. Whatever it may be please let us know what is important to you, it does not matter how difficult or complicated that would be. Please use our contact us page or our uservoice forum(that is if you have logged in) to get in touch with us.

We sincerely hope that you would make use of this opportunity to play an active role in make of a product that would help you and countless others in making a profitable investment in the equity markets.

Finahub Team