Thursday, July 23, 2015

Paperless customer on-boarding is here in India

Customer on-boarding is the most crucial part of any business. The more customers you have greater the revenue you make. So how fast or how easy or how convenient a business house can makes the customer on boarding process, determines how profitable that business will be. Business operating in sectors such as banking, telecom, stock broking are required, by law, to collect supporting documents to ascertain the identity and residence of their customers. As part of the regulation, the businesses will have to collect identity proof, photo, address proof, income proof, PAN etc from the customer before they can provide the service.  Most of the time it is too much trouble for the customer to get the copy  / original of all the required documents that they might drop the idea of opening the account.

Imagine on boarding a customer who is just spending his leisure time on a shopping mall. Earlier only thing the sales person can do is, to hand over a leaflet and try talking. Even if he convinces the prospect, he can't make the prospect take an action as paperwork is too complex to do then and there. Moreover the prospect may not be carrying any ID proof or photo or any other supporting document needed to complete customer on boarding process.

Finahub's Paperless Customer on boarding solution address uses Aadhaar EKYC and Aadhaar eSign service addresses this problem head on. Our customer on boarding service can make your sales team 100% more efficient. Details are below.

 Finahub Aadhaar EKYC Solution
Finahub Aadhaar eKYC enables banks, NBFCs, stock broking firms and other financial organisations to get KYC data of their customers from Aadhaar database in electronic format in secure manner. The data is pre-verified and digitally signed enabling on-boarding customers with out paperwork.

Finahub Aadhaar eSign Services

Aadhaar eSign is Govt of India approved digital signing service that uses Aadhaar Authentication to electronically sign documents. The service can be used by banks, NBFCs, stock broking firms and other financial organisations to digitally collect signed supporting documents that required to perform their transactions. eSign can be used by any Aadhaar card holder for digital signature with out using any additional software.

Customer On boarding Process
The predefined customer on boarding wizard takes the customer through a set of easy steps to get self signed digital versions of the supporting documents. The service can be easily deployed as on line service or a mobile solution enabling both customer serf service on boarding process as well as agent assisted processes.

The entire presentation on Paperless Customer On-boarding is shared on slide share 

If you have any quires on implementation paperless customer on boarding or Aadhaar eKYC at your organisation, do let us know. We will be more than happy to help you out. 

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