Sunday, January 31, 2010

Hey World, We are online

Happy to let you all know that we are online. We have decided to go on an invite-only mode for now. This is to help us tie up some loose ends (yes, there are some that we know of and there might be several which might pop up as more people start using it) without getting overwhelmed by it. So, for now, we will be sending invites to a select group of people, who would then be able to register and start using the site. We will be working hard to act on all the feedback we can get. Feedback from the users will be our guiding light in the dark path we wish to tread, so make it bright and blazing.

Apart from that, we will follow up this blog with another one detailing our startup experience till now. We know we have seen only the tip of the iceberg but still, we think it would be of some help to all those budding entrepreneurs out there. We will give you the details about the challanges we faced and our solutions, the technologies used and the services we had used to go from the drawing board to the online site. So keep following this space, there is more to come.

Edit --
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