Sunday, September 5, 2010

5 things Priority Inbox teaches us

Google added a killer feature named Priority Inbox to it’s hugely successful product Gmail and to the Google apps users. This is a must use the feature for heavy Gmailers like me. This feature tries to intelligently filter the important email from the less-important email in your inbox. Here am trying to see , how this is comparable to real life.
1. All Have Priority’s in life
It’s not necessary to be a CEO or President of anything, for you to prioritize things. All should prioritize they on tasks, people, leisure, love, sleep etc in their own way to be masters of themselves. See that's why Google gave this feature to all, not just for the power user.
2. Check and change your priority as and when required
Priorities in life change over time. Don’t forget to change it as life moves own. During bachelor days, Saturdays are mostly for party and booze, because the priority set was like that. This needs to be changed once you move on in life. Unless you set it right, you can’t concentrate on emails or on your life
3. Avoid Distractions
The main advantage of Gmail Priority inbox is to avoid getting distracted by the unnecessary emails. Similarly we should take note that Time is precious, so one shouldn't waste it with unwanted distractions. Always Focus on what is important for you.
4. Keep daily Things to do List
A daily To- do list always help you to complete your daily tasks without fail. The priority inbox acts like a To-Do or rather To-Read list of the most priority emails, which is to be read, reviewed or pushed to later as per it’s importance. Similarly in life, one should have a similar list to do things faster.
5. Verify Outcomes, and improve it over time
Always check on the level of success you get. And re-prioritize things always to get the best result at any time.
Jerith Shajan

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