Wednesday, July 6, 2011

We are changing -

It's us again. We are making some more interesting changes to our site for better user experience. Among this, the major change is to allow social sign in and more close integration with We also enhanced the stock picks a section to get stock picks from the people you follow. Major changes are

Hassle free Social Registration / Sign In
Now users can register/sign in using various social tools such as facebook,twitter,google,yahoo, linkedin and openId.

Improved Stock Picks section
Now users can easily see the stock picks shared by the people they follow on their Stock Picks tab itself. They will be able to share stock picks to their followers too.

Scribbles are Messages now
To avoid any possible confusion, scribbles are now renamed to Messages now. Now users can be sent and receive messages from a single place (Messages tab). Previously they had to go to other users public profile to post a scribble.

Close integration with facebook
Apart from facebook login support, now users can Like the marketupdates they see. Users can also recommend public profiles of other users to their facebook friends.

Please check out the site and let us know what you feel about the changes.
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