Tuesday, December 30, 2014

How an Institution can become an AUA (Authentication User Agency) with UIDAI?

Getting enrolled with UIDAI will enable organizations to provide E-KYC and Aadhaar based authentication. Becoming an AUA (Authentication User Agency) is required for any Institution which is looking to use Aadhaar authentication. It is also requisite step in registering as KYC User Agency (KUA) for using the Aadhaar eKYC service, the instantaneous pre-ratified Aadhaar based KYC solution.

Following are the major steps needed to be followed by an institution for enrolling as an AUA (Authentication User Agency) with UIDAI.
  • Contact with UIDAI via UIDAI's portal  and initialize AUA inquiry
  • Contact ASA (Authentication Service Agency) to get Letter of consent from ASA (Authentication Service Agency)
  • After getting a positive reply from UIDAI and ASA, submit the AUA application. The application has to be submitted via the UIDAI portal and offline with all the supporting documents as prescribed by UIDAI.
  • UIDAI would evaluate the application and if the application is approved the organization will have to go for an in-person presentation of the application at the UIDAI office at Delhi. 
  • After reviewing the application, supporting documents and the presentation, UIDAI would choose to approve or reject the application
  • If the application is approved, the next step is signing the AUA agreement with UIDAI. For this UIDAI would intimate the organization to send stamp papers of the designation as prescribed by the law of the state in which the organization is domiciled. 
  • The organization should now create a working group for the implementation of authentication service.
  • The implementation would involve defining a business process for using Aadhaar authentication and deployment of IT infrastructure such as AUA server, authentication client software, registered biometric devices etc.
  • The IT infrastructure should go through an end to end testing.
  • The entire infrastructure will have to be audited by the UIDAI approved systems auditor and the audit report needs to be submitted to UIDAI to gain production access of Aadhaar authentication API.
  • Go Live
The enrollment requires a good knowledge of the Aadhaar ecosystem and about the process involved. It is always beneficial to seek help from experts in the industry who have worked with various Banks and NBFC institutions to make enrolling into Aadhaar ecosystem a hassle-free affair. Finahub has helped NBFCs and Banks in the AUA and KYC User Agency (KUA) enrollment by providing  SME (Subject Matter Expert) consultancy and by providing the AUA/KUA server technology. We would be happy to help you in case you have any doubts or concerns about your AUA/KUA enrollment. 

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