Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Is it legal to get or offer eKYC as service? - UIDAI says NO !

A lot of enterprises still had this question of possibility or legality of availing eKYC as a service. We decided to get it cleared with UIDAI itself. So we filed an RTI inquiry with UIDAI, the RTI inquiry number is UIDAI/R/2015/61152.

One of the questions asked was 

Is there any entity in India allowed to offer Aadhaar e-KYC as a service?
The answer was No Entity

The core reason behind this is, no KUA's are allowed to share their KYC data with any other entity. So if any enterprise needs this, they need to go through the KUA registration process and meet all the eligibility criteria laid out by UIDAI / govt.

The full details are available here. So if any enterprise/firm approach you offering eKYC as a service be warned.

Links to original RTI request and RTI reply are here.

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