Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Benefits Of Using Electronic Signatures At All Levels Of Government.

For some years now, the government has been trying to move most of its operations online. Government agencies have recognized eSign as a secure, enforceable, compliant, and economical way to achieve digital transformation. And since electronic signatures can be set up either on the cloud or on-premise, governments can take advantage of the high degree of customizability, scalability, functionality, and control realized in an enterprise solution, without worrying about limited IT and financial resources. Most notably, the need for speed and efficiency and the public’s high use of the internet makes now the right time for governments to embrace this foundational technology.

e-Sign Use Cases in government

Here a few ways state and central governments can use e-sign to improve their services.

Government businesses

Various form of contract work, including local and international work, can be easily transferred to an electronic service making it more economical. For instance, both local and cemtral governments can use electronic signatures to authorize paperwork for action orders, procurement, and tender agreements. By the use of an electronic signature, Government departments and agencies can send loads of document without using ink and paper costs.

Citizen business

Citizen business applications are only conducted during official work hours by many local and central government agencies. However, sometimes it can be difficult finding time to visit your intended government office during the busy 9 to 5 hours. By using eSign, citizen businesses can be conveniently completed online at any time at your convenience.

Housing transactions in the state and local government space should ideally be efficient and swift just like it is with real estate firms. Even with simple housing process like changing of addresses, governments sometimes spend unnecessary time signing and mailing documents manually. With the help of eSign now it's easy to digitally sign and send documents like housing program forms, house owner exemption forms, etc.

Health and social services
Many local municipalities and state governments have their own health divisions that provide health and other wellness-related services. However, doing so require lots of paperwork to be completed. Government health agencies become more economical with their resources and are able to make health services more efficient. To execute public health forms and other common social services documents electronic signatures can be used.

Governmental agencies are always challenged to minimize costs, offer quality services and maintain compliance all the time. In addition, they are expected to be on the forefront in ensuring all their processes are environmentally friendly. By adopting eSign technologies, government agencies can become more efficient, ultimately freeing up resources to offer more and better services. And better yet, it reduces administrative budgets; hence, the savings realized can be channeled to more meaningful initiatives.

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