Wednesday, July 12, 2023

Face authentication for doing Aadhaar EKYC


UIDAI has introduced a new authentication mechanism for doing Aadhaar EKYC. Face authentication. In which the physical face being scanned for verification and matches the one which was captured at the time of enrolment. As we found this an interesting development in the echo system, we pounced into the opportunity. We have been able to develop an android application that enables a KUA for doing Aadhaar EKYC using face authentication. The success rates were unbelievably high. We have received great response from all our customer banks about implementing face auth in production(Includes SIB, Ujjivan bank etc). Few banks like Kotak have the system in place already.

Currently there are three widely used authentication methods. They are OTP based authentication, fingerprint scan based authentication and iris scan based authentication.

OTP based KYC mode is really a seamless solution that can be done on any user device whether it is a laptop or mobile without the support of any other hardware module. But this solution will only work for customers who have their mobile number linked with the Aadhaar. Unfortunately the number of people that fall into this category is minimal as of now. Another thing to note is that OTP based KYC is considered as minimum KYC not a complete KYC.

Biometric KYC is indeed considered as full KYC. It does have a good amount of success rates also. Presence of an extra hardware module is essential for this mode to work. Either a fingerprint scanner or an iris scanner. This introduces an extra cost of procuring hardware modules for each customer touch point or branch.

UIDAI's newly introduced face authentication mechanism will enable the KUA to get past those limitations. It doesn't require any extra hardware module and it will work for every Aadhaar holder. Only thing required is a camera which is there in every smartphone and tab these days.

As per the press release from Ministry of Electronics & IT, face authentication is gaining a decent enough traction clocking 10.6 million monthly transactions this may. The UIDAI in-house developed solution is being used by few banks other than state and central government departments as of now. Capturing live images makes things hard for attackers trying to intrude using video roleplay and static photo authentication.  

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