Saturday, December 31, 2011

Thank you 2011 and Welcome 2012

It is time to usher in a new year. It is also time to look back and take stock of things that happened in the year that went by. 2011 had been a tremendous year for us, it was a year that tested us with a lot of challenges and also the year which encouraged us with sweet successes. For both we are thankful, the challenges made us stronger and the success made us grateful.

The year 2011 started off at a slow pace, the changes were not happening as fast as we would have liked or wanted. When things started picking up development wise, nothing much was happening on our customer conversion side. We had to take a very hard look at what we were trying to achieve and what was going wrong. What we wanted to achieve was to build an ecosystem that would enable the best of analysis tools, the best of trading strategies and investment strategies, the best of investment advises be made available to the average Indian investor at a cost that is affordable to him/her. Equity investment, if used wisely, is an excellent tool to increase one's wealth. The risk involved was keeping the Indian middle class away from it. We wanted to mitigate the risk and at the same time have reasonable rewards. This would make equity markets approachable for the Indian middle class. Social media was the tool that we choose to achieve this. The tool was good but our methods were not good enough, the traction was not there.

In 2011 we realized this and we pivoted our strategy, Finahub became SaaS company that provided online presence management and social customer management services to brokerages, sub-brokers, and stock market advisers. We tried to validate our move by posting our service on Linkedin groups, the response from sub-brokers and stock market advisors were literally overwhelming. We had to hold back till we are ready to cater to the demand. To start off, we accepted a request from a sub-broker we were familiar with and delivered the services to the firm. That was our first client, a client who was ready to pay his hard earned money for our services and we were ecstatic. It did not stop there, we contacted an emerging stockbroker based in Kochi, Kerala and offered our services. As of now, we are working with them to provide a set of services that would suit their needs.

The new year, 2012 might present us with new challenges or new successes or more likely both. We are sure that we will rise up to meet whatever challenges we face and will be humbled by the success we have. Whatever might be the case, we are sure that we will remain true to our cause. To see how we do it, you will have to be with us and support us in our endeavors in the times to come.

Wishing you all a very happy new year.

Finahub Team