Tuesday, August 30, 2016

How an Enterprise can start using Aadhaar ESign?

In this blog, we are going to explain possible options enterprise have to start using ESign and the pros and cons of each way.

Aadhaar eSign is a Govt. of India approved digital signing service that uses Aadhaar data of the Aadhaar holder to sign digital documents without using any other software. Financial organizations like banks, stock brokers, insurance companies etc. stand the make significant gains by implementing eSign solutions. With eSign, these organization will now be able to make full utilization of their web and mobile infrastructure for providing services to their customers.

The possible options are as below.

  • Becoming ASP (Application Service Provider) with one of the ESP
  • Subscribe for a SaaS service of Aadhaar ESign

Becoming ASP (Application Service Provider) with one of the ESP

Becoming an ASP (Application Serice Provider) with one of the ESP's is best option to enter the ecosystem. For this, the enterprise needs to have an ESign Server which should communicate with the ESP. This server needs to be audited by Security auditors approved by the ESP. There will be multiple levels of integration and the organizations needs to go through the process by either developing the ESing Server their own or purchasing from any of the vendors like us Finahub,

Pros / Cons
  • Purchasing Pre Audited ESign server from vendors will save time and money in Onboarding cost
  • Your data resides on your server only, and you have full control over the access of it.
  • Cost per sign will be cheaper.
  • Ideal for Big volume customers like Banks, NBFC's, Micro Finance companies etc

Subscribe for a SaaS service of Aadhaar ESign

The second option is to go for an ESign SaaS service providers. Here the advantage is that you can start using it very fast. Just integrate the API of the vendors who are already ASP-like us Finahub, and you are ready to go live. But if you have big volumes of ESign transactions, it will be costly. Ideal for FinTech Startups who want to make everything work online.

Pros / Cons
  •     Easy to start using
  •     Costly if you have a big volume
  •    Data resides with a third-party vendor

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