Thursday, October 20, 2016

How Aadhaar Esign and Ekyc made Reliance Jio the fastest growing company?

Reliance Jio is growing exponentially. As of date, it has already reached 1.5 core customers in a month's time. No company in India has grown this fast. Per day they are signing up 5 Lakhs plus customers. There are several reasons for this growth, but the most important is the way they made use of the Aadhaar platform. The two most important things that made this possible are below.
  • Aadhaar ESign for Digital Signature from customers
  • Aadhaar Ekyc for Kyc of customers

They have used it effectively which enable them to onboard customers in less than 3 minutes time. Customers are walking out of the showroom with a working mobile connection which was not possible earlier.  Following are the advantages aadhaar brought to Jio and its customers.

All happening inside a mobile app

The sales representative is using just a mobile app for the entire customer onboarding. So it's fully paperless. The sales agent first signs in using Aadaar authentication later asks customer waiting for him for his Aadhaar number. Then do an Ekyc and finally an Aadhaar ESign to complete the process, The documents automaticaally get synced with the server.

Zero Paper work

If the customer has a Aadhaar number there is zero paper work needed. No more filling up of forms and pasting photographs. Even the bill , incase you are buying a Wifi device is coming via email. 

Customers can walk in empty handed

No more photograph, signature, copys of Identity proofs, address proffs required. Customer just need to take that 12 digit aadhaar number with him (Not even the original or photostat of aadhaar card is needed) . The entire process gets completed using Aadhaar Ekyc and ESign via biometric.

Fully regulatory compliance

The Aadhaar Ekyc and Aadhaar ESign and fully complaint with regulators like RBI, SEBI, IRDA etc.  So any enterprise can make use of it to simplify their process.

Safe sharing of Ekyc data for customers

Earlier there were frauds happening when people takes mobile connections using the copys of identiity and address proof documents of other people , with out them getting to know about this. To counter this there were secondary verifications done by other agencies to issue a mobile connection. (over the phone or direct visit @ address location). This caused , the time taken to activate a sim card becoming days. But when coming to Ekyc and ESign, as its not using photocopys its tough for sales people to take a duplicate connection in your name.

Video of Reliance Jio Sim Activation 

Every enterprise wishes to have such ease of customer onboarding process. If you want this on your enterprise please contact us. We are experts in Aadhaar related products and services like ESign, Ekyc, Authentication etc. Call us @ 0484 2388285 or email us at [email protected]